A University-Forest Service partnership working together to improve the management of wildland fire by integrating science, technology, education and practical experience.

The Wildland Fire Science Partnership, formed in 2008, integrates the scientific expertise, technological capability, and on-the-ground experience from the Universities of Montana and Idaho and the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station under a common mission. The WFSP utilizes each partner’s unique strengths in a combined effort to produce more effective and far-reaching research and to develop and deliver new tools and knowledge.


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Rocky Mountain Research Station

Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program
Wildland Fire Management Research, Development and Application Program


The University of Montana

National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis
Wildland Fire Program


University of Idaho

Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES)
Wildland Fire Program




What's New

Missoula research partners are part of a national collaborative recently funded to implement sophisticated experiments on large active fires.

Researchers from the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab's Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program and from The University of Montana's Fire Center are working with four other USFS research stations and two unversities to better understand the interactions of fire, weather, and fuels in the field.

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